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Dumerils Boa

Just wanted to share this experience with everyone!

Smazoo and Coco (Dumerils Boa)

These two are our rescue pet snakes.  My husband found an ad in Craigslist about snakes being tossed away.  Sometime in August 2011, he called the number listed on the ad and finally made an appointment to meet with the man and checked out the snakes.  After an hour of chatting, Nikolai has decided to take the snakes home for rescue.  You see, my husband loves snakes and enjoys caring for them and learning more of their personalities and disposition.  I enjoy researching their anatomy and characteristics as well as their origin.

I have found out that these Dumerils are natives of Madagascar, since they are extinct (in the wild), only those who owns them in captivity can/would breed to help build their population.  We are awaiting to mate these beautiful Dumerils and donate their clutch to the Madagascar Wildlife and Africa 🙂







updated version, i apologize for the inconvenience (it was hard to post something from my phone)

 © Kat Lukenovich 2011

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