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Farewell 2011~

Farewell 2011~

This year has been quiet an eventful experience.  Though I’d rather cherish the great memories we’ve shared and revel on the painful events this year has passed.  I am grateful nonetheless.  We all have learned from each experience and the decisions we’ve made as well as the many repercussions we’ve faced.  We have grown stronger and happier.  We matured and has climbed great heights.  I am pleased and blessed to have shared 2011 to those I love dearly! 

To the family who has departed, may you all rest in peace and find the best place you have ever dreamed of-

To those soldiers who fought for this country and have lost their lives, we thank you for the ultimate sacrifice.  To the soldier’s family: we cannot imagine your loss, but we are here to cherish the memories of your loved ones.

To our friends in battle: may you all enjoy the coming of the New Year 2012 and hope to see you home soon!


Have a phenomenal New Year to all!!!

© Kat Lukenovich 2011


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One thought on “Farewell 2011~

  1. That’s amazing, i can’t imagine my kids leaving me all alone. They are all grown up now. They will soon be 18, then it’s just going to be my boyfriend, myself and my old cat.

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