LIFE in a World of Chaos

Life’s Aggravation~

‘A peaceful man is not completely free from the pinch of life’s aggravations. He simply declines to give them power and refuses to be held captive by them.’ – by Dodinsky

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It is amazing how the holiday brings out the beauty of an every day task-

Over the weekend, after having gone through the fiasco of meeting all friends, family and relatives; I realized that the year 2011 has ended.  Fabulous 2012 has risen and is ready to attack those who aren’t prepared 🙂

So in the course of three short days, I was able to tackle some after the holiday cleaning around the house. I was able to organize my organized desk, took out old clothes that’s been hanging in my walk-in closet just occupying space, dresses with price tags still attached & were never worn (which year after year swore to wear it one day), designer bags that were sitting on the higher shelves collecting dust, now all boxed ready to donate 🙂 and finally, I could breathe in my closet. I can sit there and collect my thoughts-

I was able to revive some of my dying plants.  To watch them stand to life with vivid colors is amazing!  That’s when I realized that this year, I will never allow myself to be a captive from the pinch of life’s aggravation ever again. There will be no repeat from yesterday’s past-  


© Kat Lukenovich 2012


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