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Bunnies and more Bunnies~

Our family is blessed to have these cute and adorable bunnies.  Here are some photos I’d like to share with you-

•   •   •


Last November- these two Savanna and Floppy used to run around the front room chasing each other- shortly after that, they both passed away… A friend told me, too much of this action can cause death 🙂


So in despair, we searched for new bunnies.  Thankfully we were blessed to have found these beautiful bunnies.

Here are(left – right) Callisto (male) – Aio (female) – Zantrx (male)

We are so delighted to have found these babies.  They are ready to have their own offspring as well.  Between February to October is their breeding period and conception lasts 30 days. So in a season, my bunnies can have babies, gran-babies and great-gran babies = 800 bunnies in all 🙂 that is amazing!!!

After reading informative article about these cuties, I am now determined to have these 800 bunnies for as long as their buck won’t eat the babies before I see them.  Perhaps, I take him out of their cage sooner- but it’s hard to tell for now 🙂

Have a wonderful day readers!



© Kat Lukenovich 2012



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4 thoughts on “Bunnies and more Bunnies~

  1. Such cute bunnies!! Hoping you get to 800 🙂

  2. Thank you Clare! I am hoping if I could just get half of that number 🙂 It’s very much impossible to raise a farm in my dining room 🙂

    Thank you for the comment and follow 🙂

  3. Oh how beautiful are they! So adorable, I’ve always wanted a rabbit, but afraid that my kids will just harm then, or cook them for dinner or something. Lol!

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