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~A Holiday Tattoo

“It’s not so important who starts the game, but who finishes it”   ~ John Wooden


sisters forever

 One of the best Christmas presents I’ve gotten from my hubby this year.  To have a matching tattoo with my sister, is even amazing.  For years we’ve been sketching and searching for what tattoo would look good on us.  Then on one fine day, we just came up with this result.  For her love of Egyptian possessions, we both agreed to have this one done.  I greatly appreciate Egyptian history, hieroglyphics is beyond amazing to me- I have now started the art of reading and writing hieroglyphics.  I’m not a pro, just a beginner.

sisters forever

As you can see here is a blurred version of our matching tattoo-  taken right after we had it done and ran straight across to Shari’s for a bite.  I love our fabulous artist.  He surely captures the art of these ancient writings 🙂  thanx Shaun at studioxtattoo- shop is in Vancouver, WA.  Should any of you plan to ink yourself, check their site here

Thank you mon cheri pour nos tatouages 🙂

© Kat Lukenovich 2012


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4 thoughts on “~A Holiday Tattoo

  1. Hi there Kat,

    This is wonderful. I don’t think i could go through another ordeal. It took me a decade to have another tiny tattoo behind my neck after the first one on my arm. Thanks to my mom, sister and then boyfriend who strapped me down to a chair to finish what I have started. I really like this, if only I could gather more guts then just maybe I will have one with my sister too.

    All the best

  2. are you egiptian? that looks so prety.

  3. No… not egyptian at all… perhaps in another life 🙂
    What’s with every females names? I feel like i’m being stalked by my usbands women…LOL!
    You and Viki both. Victoria (Vicky) was my husbands ex-wife, then Anjelea Hornych was his mistress. No offense to both of you, i just feel like being stalked once again 🙂

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