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Audrieanna’s feeding habit update



At last, she’s finally enjoying the art of killing her own prey.  We’ve been worried ever since we brought her home.  First, we were told she was pregnant, then we found out it was a lie.  Then there was her feeding habit of eating frozen rats.  So recently, we have finally switched her from frozen rats to live jumbo rats and now to rabbits!  Phew!  My husband is super happy now.



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4 thoughts on “Audrieanna’s feeding habit update

  1. awwwwrite now! that’s what i call a meal. let me guess you named you snake yourself.

    • We were so elated when she started eating live animals food. She can’t constrict so she just crush them with her body weight 🙂
      As for naming the snakes, we name out snakes and change the ones we don’t like 🙂 These are beautiful species, so should their names 🙂


  2. holly shit! she’s a huge snake. how can you feed her your pets dude? that’s so wrong.

    • Hello, Audrieanna is not a huge snake. She’s big and is a docile snake. I don’t feed her our pets, we feed her live animals bcoz that’s what they do in the wild. It isn’t bcoz they are in captivity that we have to take away their natural instincts by feeding them frozen delights (now that’s cruel). I don’t recommend you browse my pet page if you don’t approve of the photos here in my site. Better yet, you shouldn’t visit my site again if this saddens you so much 🙂
      have a wonderful day 🙂


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