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Hydra-  Albino Burmese Python



Hydra with my 3 yr old son Tristan, both enjoying each others company


Orion my 6 yr old daughter is having a blast with Hydra. 


With my special beloved Hydra.  She is my favorite snake of the bunch. 

•  •  •

Here is my favorite Albino Burmese Python.  Hydra is 2yrs old and is about 5 ft long and weighs around 4.53 kilos (10 lbs).  Hydra is a very docile Burmese.  We brought her home last Thursday and is nursing her back to health.  She picked up a cold before we took her home.  She seems to be doing better now that she’s under a warm light and with the company of snake freaks (that would be my family and meself).



© Kat Lukenovich 2012


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4 thoughts on “Hydra

  1. holly shit! you’re kids are not afrayd of the snaks to? will that snak eat anything or just rats what do you feed your burmees?

    • Hello Iam. Thank you for the concern. My children aren’t afraid of snakes, matter of fact they love to play with them all the time. If I allow them to sleep with these reptiles, they most certainly will 🙂 Our snakes depending on size delight on jumbo rats to jumbo rabbits. Hydra consumes a jumbo rat and a bunny 🙂 Does that answer your question?


  2. Wow! You and your kids are braver than I am. I am not a fan of snakes. Someone brought several into school once, and one crawled into my hoody pocket…and then wouldn’t come out.

    • Ohh thoughtsie! We enjoy the snakes that’s in our home. We play with them as much as we can and get them used to being handled. The more we handle them the better their personalities gets. Hydra is the albino burmese, she’ll be a heavy weight snake but she’s tamed and docile. She loves to cuddle and very social. Her babies will be just like her, docile and sociable 🙂
      My daughter is scheduled to bring snakes to her class, we’re bringing in five of them 🙂


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