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The Saddest News I’ve Ever Heard (this month)

Below is a link to the article regarding the newly banned list of reptiles in Florida.,0,419029.story#tugs_story_display

Honestly, I am quite sad with this knowledge.  Unfortunately, it isn’t the reptile’s fault, whoever owned them didn’t realize how huge these snakes could get.  They werent’ informed and educated about these types of reptiles before purchasing.  All this could’ve been eliminated if only sellers were a bit strict in selling these lovely giants. 

Buyers without prior experience or knowledge about certain reptiles or snakes in this matter shouldn’t be allowed to purchase these types of snakes. 

Luckily, my husband is very much experienced in these types of reptiles.  We are currently house hunting, before these Burmese grows out to be twenty feet long, we need to build their husbandry.  I guess for us here in the West side, we shall proceed with our business.


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