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My Etsy


A crochet head band with flowers and gold button embellishment


Some of the flowers I’ve crocheted in variety of colors


Another way to style the head-piece with this wiry flower


This blue hat I’m wearing is called a Tezzie pattern and the scarf is called a basket weave


This one is called a crocodile stitch pattern crochet


and here is Mr Bridge clad in a tunisian entrelac crochet design


♦  ♦  ♦


There are my newly accomplished projects.  So far, I have been occupied with new patterns and designs that’s hovering my head.  I get frustrated since my hands can’t work faster than my brain process the ideas that flashes in my vision 🙂

Should you be interested in any of these patterns, do let me know and I will try to accommodate anyone with their needs 🙂

Soon, I will paint again, I will write again and I will enjoy the great outdoors again.  I am also in the market for a street bike Kawasaki Ninja 250R-  I am working out with “insanity”.  You got that right, with Shawn-T…he’s the best for me.

So, please excuse the mess in this site… I just have so much in my plate 🙂


© Kat Lukenovich 2012



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2 thoughts on “My Etsy

  1. These are beautiful Kat. You are such a talented woman. Though we haven’t met but I feel like I’ve known you for years, isn’t that odd? You insprie me and I can’t wait to see more of your work. You did a wonderful job!!!

    • Thank you Vicky. I take great pride with my work and mind you, I’m not an experienced crocheter (if that makes any sense) I love the patterns and the colors i choose for each patterns 🙂
      Have a great day!


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