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Breakfast Friday!


One of my favorite meals of the day is called breakfast.  I enjoy the variety of ways & creativity my plate can collect.  So today, I’m enjoying this delicious double egg & sausage bagel sandwich paired with granola & fruits yogurt.  What could possibly top that?  I no longer drink coffee, so I enjoy a jasmine or green tea, sometimes, I go bad & rush to starbucks for a wild salted caramel machiatto frappe.  That sums up my morning 🙂
How about yours?  Have a wonderful Friday everyone!!

© Kat Lukenovich 2012

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5 thoughts on “Breakfast Friday!

  1. Now that looks delicious! A cup of coffee for the bagel sandwich and let’s call it good. Ok now I’m starving!!!

  2. I LOVE breakfast too!! I wake up hungry!! I’m not so fancy during the week but weekends I have more time to make different meals. Espresso though is a must!

  3. Well here in the South it’s all about food. One must know how to cook and enjoy a barbecue weekend.

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