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A breakfast birthday at work-



So here is a photo of my breakfast this morning.  I have forgotten, today is my co-workers birthday.  So our director has provided breakfast for the company in honor for her birthday!  How wonderful!!!

 ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~  ♦ ~

Birthdays is my favorite time of the year, aside from Christmas, presents are bountiful.  Growing up as a child,  I remember when my dad would celebrate my brother and I’s birthday exceptionally.  Our neighbors and friends in school were invited, along with our entire family (cousins, distant cousins and friends)- this tradition went on until I was seventeen years old.  It was when all traditions ceased.  It was time to cross country-

Anyway, today was fabulous! Work load was light and the sun was beaming 🙂 what else could I really ask for? 🙂

© Kat Lukenovich 2012


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