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Anniversary Present-

Gift giving-

What is the importance of giving gifts? How often must we give/receive gifts? Tradition/Culture? What does it mean?

Well, for many- gift giving is a means of appreciation of a good deed well done (helping around the house, cooking for someone, watching the kids when you are out of town; the list goes on). For others, it is simply just because they want to give gifts to someone they love and deserving-

In my case, it is our Anniversary 🙂 and this year, my husband bought me a snake. Not just any ordinary snake, a slithering that I truly enjoy; “Sumatran Red Blood Python” if any of you are familiar with this species, it is the most sought out snake in the world; due to its colour and pattern, they are used for materials such as hand bags, boots, jackets and fashion items-



Her skin

Amazingly pretty


such a beautiful blood python-

~ ♦ ~ ♦~

Blood pythons are not beginner snakes. Due to their temperaments and disposition, they are usually nippy snakes. I have been a lucky gal- she’s never struck at me, neither has she shown any signs of aggression towards me or my children, for that matter.
I am definitely enjoying her company and can’t wait to get to know her even more-

To those of you who are snakes enthusiast or beginners in the snake world, do read up on them. They do get huge as adult.

©Kat_L 2012


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2 thoughts on “Anniversary Present-

  1. I love the color and pattern on this one. Really! I never knew people would just kill these beautiful snakes for their skin. That’s cruelty to animals.

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