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My little guy- so gorgeous and amazing. His pattern, his saddles, his tail and the vividness of his colour, there’s no one else like him-


Just gorgeous as the sun gives light to this planet- so does my Optimus. He is such a character. He’s only a baby when we took him home- 2 months i think?!


He is much bigger and is surely playful. He enjoys being held and loves Tristan too-

~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~

Optimus- Hypo Boa. I was so thrilled when i saw him at the reptile store. I have always appreciated the colourful snakes above all else. So when i saw Optimus, i must take him home. Luck was on my side that day, my husband bought him as a late anniversary present for me. So now you can imagine how much i just love this guy.

We took him home and soonest i parked myself inside the house, i’ve asked my kids to name a snake. Our son Tristan loves transformers so much he wanted to name him Optimus- i thought about it and realized, the name fits perfectly for this little guy.

Optimus is such a wonderful snake, not only because of his colour but his disposition as well. He is not head shy- meaning he’s accustomed to having his head touched all the time. He is such an amazing snake- i love him to pieces.

For anyone who is considering to own a snake, these babies are a good beginner snake as well 🙂 do read up about them though. Get familiar how big they get before taking one home-

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2 thoughts on “Optimus

  1. A snake in my monitor!!!! That’s a lovely snake. I like the color. How big is he now and what does he eat?

    • Hello DJ,

      Thank you for stopping by. Optimus would’ve been 3 years old now. My husband gave it away to someone who doesn’t deserve him. I am still angered by it, until now. I guess because I know she has an evil spirit.. she’s full of hate and honestly, I don’t know why he even sent him to her and lied to me about it. He’s my favourite snake. Thinking about Optimus is like that of a mother’s son getting adopted out to someone and was told he’s sent to a bording school.

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