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Banned of use


So i found this in my facebook page, posted by a friend. It baffles me, for what reason are these free media applications banned? Foreign workers in such countries are grateful to have such applications, in order to communicate with their families abroad. What harm could these free medias do to their country?

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Summer date night camping

This is my way of camping- hubby and I are headed to the Redwoods in California for a romantic camping getaway- pre birthday present getaway celebration. Officially, his birthday is the 20th of June-
My style of camping- the modern way-

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Being strong



♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥

Oh yes! We’ve all been there before… for some, quite too many.
Well, my story is just another ordinary, everyday drama from the people who wants to control the world and everything in between-

Not too long ago, I found out the truth about this person. She wreaks havoc everywhere she goes. Armed with dignity, confidence and originality I face this hideous person-

For years she’s done nothing but make everyday a living hell. For the most parts, the lives of the children hers and mine. Unfortunately, their younger kids lived with us- the oldest was released in her care. Months and months of exchanged drama- I stood up and fought for what adults need to do in this circumstance. For everyone, I was the bad guy. Well, my own children’s lives are at stake here. When their drama and continued mistakes affected the future of my children, I took a stand. That’s when all hell broke loose-

Swiftly, I let go off of everyone and moved on with my life and my children. After everyone realized they were cut off, slowly, they come knocking and begging for forgiveness. One by one they come and the other just blogs about it- well of course, no one was surprised what the lies she blogs about. I accepted my husband back and gave him another chance to prove himself, and to show he’s learned from all the mistakes he’s made in the four years he let this drama dragged on and on-
Then, we moved…

♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦

Well, little did I know that she’s been stalking me. Policed my media accounts and pathetically, mirrors what I accomplish…from my drawings, she would copy something online. My paintings, she would find something similar. The expensive perfumes I wear and the colognes I buy for my husband, she would run and buy them at perfumania (a local discount store). Like a cheap strumpet that she is, according to my husband, would wreak the place of her cheap perfume. Anything I own she tries to replicate, even if they are replicas or cheap imitation- for as long as she own similar things to what I have. I was later informed by her own daughter and niece of this behaviour-
Well, I found out months ago. She’s told someone, if i would ask forgiveness and give her back her things, she will stop being the Bitch. I looked at this person and said for what reason do i need to ask forgiveness and exactly what rubbish of hers do i have in my possession? Luckily, he’s told her to stop dreaming big for I would never in her lifetime will ask for her forgiveness. I never hurt her in anyway or wronged her- if anyone needs to ask forgiveness- she owes it to me, to my/her ex husband, her kids, my kids for everything she’s caused me/us/this world. Oh yes!!! She’s done all that- even tried the front and back door for my husband to leave and divorce me. Well, she can’t get over the fact He’s moved on and married me and threw her in the sewer where she belongs, with the rest of her kind- I forgave her though– God has forgiven me… and her rubbish? It’s appalling to be accused of having someones rubbish- just what would I ever do with her rubbish?

In the end she hates the fact no matter what she’s doing now, our lives aren’t affected by the havoc she wreaks. It’s her life in turmoil, not mine/ours-
My husband grew up and became the man she could never, ever have- so now she lives in her fairy tale life- just like the drawings and paintings of Amy Brown she copies and signs off as her originals-

♦ – ♦ – ♦

So now we move- far far away as possible. There we create our lives under the golden sun- though we’ll hear of her drama, but it will not affect our lives- one thing she hates the most, control she no longer possess-

Thank you for reading and I apologize for the delay of this post 🙂

© Katz 2013

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