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Just for laughs-


So i saw this in my facebook page just moments ago-

I didn’t pay much attention, so i read it again and yes, they used that excuse 🙂

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How much is too much crabs?

It’s one of those days…that one boring day and you’re out of ideas and excuses of what to do and where to go, so you go on a food trip-


So there’s this plate with lobster tail & crab legs- but that’s not enough…there’s more…


There’s this childs plate, so she too can enjoy- but that’s still not it…


…and then, there’s my plate. Now i know i could die from this. I am allergic to prawns, lobsters and crabs eversince i was a little girl. However, i’ve always made sure to eat at least three to five pieces of prawns when i can, just so my system can get used to this delicious and scrumptious feast.
Needless to say, it was worth it- i enjoyed the cracking, the pulling of the meat..the effort of cracking that shell and finding out how fat the meat is and, oh how sweet and tender they feel on your tongue-

So today, when i woke up looking at the welts on my face, that itchiness and lumps in my througt, i realized just how much i really love prawns, lobsters, oysters, mussles and crabs…i would die eating them.
So how about you? Do you have food allergies that you know of and eat them anyways?

Have a great day everyone. Enjoy this beautiful day!

© Katz_L 2013

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