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What I miss most in the Pacific Islands~

I apologize for the late upload- 

Have you ever miss anything in your life? Have you ever craved for something that only exists in one particular place? Something that’s authentic in its way?


Photo above shows all the fruits I miss so much that only exists in one particular place. Though some try to import – export or grow some of the same fruits, but the taste is different. Nothing compares to the classic & original, when it comes to island fruits.


I remember growing up, in our back yard we have a huge tree called ‘langka’ in our dialect, ‘jackfruit’ is what Americans call this fruit. This is a huge and heavy kind of fruit, it’s size is like that of a nine month old baby and could weigh up to fifteen sometimes twenty pounds. The smell is intricate when ready and just the exact ripeness. Its taste depends on how ripe the fruit is. There is nothing to waste with this fruit, even the seed can be cooked and to eat at a later time for the family to snack on and enjoy while watching television.


Just a closer look of some dragon fruits that is also known here in the america and is enjoyed by many. Towards the back are the ‘papaya’ fruits. Again, the taste all depends how ripe the fruit is. Some people prefers to eat it when its crispy and with a little colour. Some, prefers it ripe all the way for its rich and sweet flavour. Either way it’s good-
Then of course, there’s the most popular mangoes. We really can’t speak enough about these delicious mangoes.


I think for me these wonderful ‘lansonez’ are just as good as any fruits in the island of the pacific. Delicious and sweet- I haven’t tasted anything I didn’t like. It can be the least favourite but I still like all fruits.


Atis or custard apple is one of my favourite as well. This is sweet and does have seeds. Growing up, I remember well, I could eat two at a time and keep the seeds for later use. Unfortunately, this fruit is imported here in the US in the ‘frozen’ section only.



Mangosteen! Yes, I could never have enough of these delicious fuzzy and sweet fruit. These are also available here in US in the can only.

So, now that you have read this blog, I encourage you to try some of these amazing fruits from the island of the pacific. They are now ready and available at your local food market and is available at any Asian markets as well.

Have a great weekend everyone! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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