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Oregon Skies-

another late upload-

I had the privilege of enjoying the Oregon skies today-

Not only am I chained to my desk and work as a legal assistant but I also make trips to the local hearings office, as many times as I have to- so here are some shots I’ve taken during my trips to the hearings office 🙂

• • •


Here’s a nice break- clear blue and patches of white clouds. Dominated above by an ominous dark gray clouds, ready to pour down some angry spells of rain-


A building standing tall and gray.. as the clouds behind it-


In the midst of things, that gray cloud is devouring anything that come its way-


And this here is Downtown Portland.

• • •

I will one of these days bring my Canon with me and hopefully enjoy each opportunity snapping these photos-

As for now, “That’s All Folks”-

Thank you for visiting 🙂

© Katz- 2015


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2 thoughts on “Oregon Skies-

  1. Oh sweet dark skies. Great shots and just taken with your phone?

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