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A fun weekend-

This ones a late upload-

We didn’t have any planned activities and due to the weather, we all thought of staying inside. When I opened the front door and saw blue skies and the sun was shining, we all hurried to the car and just took off not caring which way to go.. North-South-East-West, its all good to me.

We took the highway and took an exit and ended up at the “Officers Row”, it’s Vancouver National Historic Reserve Historic District, is a congregation of 21 of the former homes of U.S. military officers stationed at the Vancouver Barracks in Vancouver, Washington.

The horses were out and a wedding was taking place. We parked and enjoyed the scenery. The kids chatted with some volunteers at the field and here are some pictures-


This is Max- he’s one gorgeous stallion. He’s nine years old-


One of the volunteers who was showing us the type of firearm the cavalry was using at the time-


Our next stop was the Air Museum- here is what’s left at the old air field, the rest were moved to their new location, of which we will be visiting, possibly next week.


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Thank you for stopping by everyone! Have a great wonderful day ahead!

© Katz- 2015



It’s that time of year when Lobsters are abundant. Surely millions of people in this planet enjoys a delicious, meaty and scrumptious Maine Lobster-

Last night, I took my mum and hubby at our local Red Lobster and we all took advantage of this season’s lobsterfest. Here are photos to share-


Indeed we let loose and enjoyed a pair of dueling lobster with green beans and garlic mashed potatoes. Hubby had the same with asparagus. Mum on the other hand enjoyed her lobster baked, well, it’s a three-piece lobster tail with corn and spuds- they were all delicious.


Piled up high on this plate are the shells of what we’ve just devoured minutes ago- they really looked like the carcass of a dead alien in the predator film 🙂


I can’t explain the joy I felt when I looked and saw mum enjoying her feast for the night.

• • •

Our night was splendid, we surely had a great time with our waitress and in exchanged a great service and superb tip. She was such a sport. My husband as some of you know has a sarcastic sense of humour. He will give anyone a hard time in a friendly fashion. Luckily our booth was centered towards the wall, the opposite side of the room where the elderly were seated. Thankfully, neither patrons/guests complained about our boisterous charge in the room. In the end, our waitress enjoyed her time and hopefully we’ll see her again sometime-

I hope you all had a great dining experience as well 🙂

 © Katz-2015

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