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That Red Riding Hood-

So I have this red coat I call Red Riding Hood. It has served me well over the years. It has become my favourite red coat-                          … and the story goes like this-

~ ♦ ~♦ ~♦ ~

I finally had the chance to mend an errant button which was literally hanging by a thread on my favourite red coat. Mending this button has been part of my need-to-do list for sometime now, but relegated to the other sub category of procrastination, perhaps never. I’d rather be doing something fun than be jabbed by this tiny needle (well, we know it wouldn’t be an accident but rather not paying attention) kind of jab. (Needlework was fun, for as long as my cousins are in this group.)
So, I blissfully ignored Red Riding Hood Button until tonight, when I finally realized that one tug will send Riding Hood flying to eternal freedom. Mending is not really my thing and if I had glue within reach, I would have happily stuck the button back with it. Sadly, no glue was in sight, so its back to mending. I went about sewing it back analyzing whether traditional criss-cross or the precedent parallel stitching would be better. In this matter, I went with both, criss-cross on the front and parallel in the back and just to lock it in tight, never mind the aesthetic, just secure Riding Hood for the next few years. I was on the last step of tying the thread to a knot when I realized how wrong I was and that I actually enjoyed it. This task which I was avoiding to do quieted my tired mind. It relaxed me and afforded me a respite from all the pressures, and the sum of all that. It gave me space to breathe.

red coat

Hope you all find your happy task and share about it 🙂

© Katz 2015


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One thought on “That Red Riding Hood-

  1. I like the red coat and the story thay goes with it.

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