LIFE in a World of Chaos


Yes! Just like that my car was booted tonight. My husband, son and meself went out for a date. We tried this new restaurant for dinner by our house and catch a film.

Surprisingly, when we came out of the theatre, there’s this car that rolled back into the two cars behind it in the parking lot. As we walked closer to where my car was parked I realized, this gold Nissan car booted my car and the car that’s’ parked on the left of me. I couldn’t believe it. The security man was walking up to where the car rolled back into. He must’ve heard me because he turned back to look at us. I was gettin furious


This is the culprit-

So I left a note & mind you I never got a call. It blew me away, people are so undisciplined.


“Drivers, next time you come out of your car, do make sure you’ve put your e-brake on, put your car in park and turned off your engine to avoid rolling forward or backwards and hitting someone elses car or a passers by for that matter”
Thank you kindly-

© Katz, 2015

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