LIFE in a World of Chaos

Happy Christmas

                 I apologize for the late post everyone. It’s been hectic in the “house of chaos” this time of year. Grams flew to Texas with her granddaughter, Madz (I call her) to celebrate christmas with Michael (Madz dad) my brother in-law and his wife Maria (her step-mum) and grams oldest son, this year. My daughter flew to New Zealand to celebrate her first ever Christmas and tenth birthday with relatives & cuzzies. The holiday isn’t the same without them two.


          Luckily, we have aunt Cathy to save the day. We spent Christmas day and opened more presents there. It was low keyed and we all had a splendid time, without drama and chaos (who knew it was possible). The little prince was surely spoiled with presents. We didn’t think we could pull this off. Honestly, the big players weren’t around, I thank God for that.


Thank you everyone for stopping by. It’s been a pleasure sharing such moments with each and everyone of you here in bloggoshere. May the year 2016 give you all a prosperous year.

© Katz, 2015


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