LIFE in a World of Chaos

Winter Sunday


Ahoy Mates!!! Happy Sunday everyone. At long last all festivities has come and passed, it is now time to unwind, relax and enjoy the week after the long holidays. For us here in the House of Chaos, we enjoy spending our time relaxing (by relaxing I mean, laze on the couch watching tele, sipping tea or cola) while the kids playing with their new toys and gadgets from the holiday’s past. It’s a warm feeling now that the holiday’s done and over with.


          Sunday…yes! Today is Sunday. I lay back down in bed, glad to realise it’s Sunday and that I don’t have to work today. My thoughts took me to the list of things I wanted to do today. I wanted to rebox all of what’s in the garage. I needed to fix the passenger mirror of my car so I can enjoy driving again. Then I looked out the window,  “oh my!”, it’s snowing outside. I went quietly dashed downstairs and snap, click, snap, click went my camera.


📷 🎥 🎬 📷 🎥 🎬

          I went out to the back deck just to feel how cold the temperature is outside and the gust of wind fiercely cold just blew by. I thought to meself, “there is no way I’m going outside today”. 

I apologize for the late post everyone-
Have a wonderful Sunday!!!



Katz © 2016


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