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Simply dinner-

Sorry for the late upload-

Simply Italian is what’s for dinner tonight. Not the one that’s bought at the supermarket in a box but a family dinner of four at our local italian resto called “little italy”.

I pass by this place everyday and I can’t believe it took me this long (oh about four years) to visit this place finally.


This is what I pass by every single day. I tell meself and the kids “we will stop by there one of these days”. It only took a year from my last mantra. Today, we visit and have authentic italian food twice a month. Everything is delicious here. From their appetizers to their main course and deserts, beer and wines, they are all good to me.


This is one of the painting I took a snap of quickly as our food has arrived. Little did I know how much time I missed in getting to know this place sooner, had I just stopped by once some four years ago.


This was my plate…roasted aubergine parmegiano in white wine sauce. It was delicious and really creamy and so flavourful. I truly can’t wait to taste the rest of the menu.


Salmon (something that my husband ordered for himself). I tell you, my family and I went home happy. I could almost speak italian again.

We will visit again and will keep you posted on the next menu.

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