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Driving habits-

Another late posting-

We all know the law. We all took the same written and driving exams. “Buckle up or ticket it” for safety reasons. Make sure all your lights are in proper working conditions and that your car is mechanically sound. License, registration and current tags are a must. We all know these basic laws but we fail to obey them.


How fast is too fast? Well, we all know that there will be posted signs on the road letting us know the speed we are required to obey. Beyond that is simply just fast.


Simply pay attention on the road. Don’t apply your make up or text on your mobile phone or floss your teeth while driving or if you’re in a crawling jam. You never know when you really need a complete stop until “someone just plowed into you or your bonnet just landed in someone’s boot.” All because someone was too busy applying mascara on their false lashes.


Finally, I took my exit off the highway and down to surface streets. I took my regular route when all of a sudden, after the blind bend and on to the clear up ahead was this.
I see blue and red lights flashing and everything came to a crawl. Visibly, while sitting here I can see it’s another accident.


Unfortunately, this is how the face of this Ford Focus looked like. I wasn’t sure what she hit and how hard but by the looks of it, it could’ve been a truck. Unlucky car on this unlucky day.

Driving requires your full attention. It is not a game, neither it is a contest who gets to pass who first on the road. Be safe, be courteous and there’ll be less accidents on the road.

Have a great day everyone.

© Katz 2016


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3 thoughts on “Driving habits-

  1. Courteous drivers have less accidents in their lifetime. Period.

  2. Oh my stars! What did the driver hit? This is the rrason why I do not like driving at certain hours of the day. There’s just too much unfocused people on the road.
    Drive safe everyone.

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