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Invicta – Swiss Made Watches

Really late upload for April 2016

“what a beautiful day it’s going to be…my first thought as I opened  my eyes and saw the sun rays through the blinds this morning.”

Indeed it was a splendid day. I took the kids out for a drive and enjoyed the scenery. It’s been months since we had a great time outdoors due to weather. Today we took advantage of that. Just us three.

As the children grew restless, I took them shopping. Clothes, shoes, toys and more stuff to add to their clutter of junk in their rooms. They were happy nonetheless. That’s all that matters to me. Finally, it was time to go home.

Later that night, I perused online. I searched for the “best affordable swiss watches” and I landed on “Invicta Watches” website.  I was totally amazed how gorgeous these watches are. I read a lot of reviews and they are really good and comparable to those watches that are super expensive. I read on more and the more I want this watch.

The next day I went to Costco to renew my membership and there I went to peruse their jewelry aisle. Truly surprised to see a couple of invicta watches. I checked it out and was happy to come home with it. I bought it for the Man unfortunately. So now I will be buying mine online, sadly.

Here is the Man’s watch I came home with from Costco. Unfortunately, this watch is too big for my tiny wrist.

Finally, after three days of waiting, my first Invicta watch came in the mail. Here is a mother of pearl face plate in a divers watch. Yes! I bought the Sub Aqua divers watch. I am truly happy. I didn’t stop here.

I bought another men’s Invicta watch. This here is the Sea Hunter Sub Aqua. The Man is super stoked he’s getting all these expensive watches. He never imagined someone would spend this much money on a pair of watch for him.

I bought another Invicta for me. I made sure they are at least 300 meters deep. I tend to just jump in the pool or beach with my watch on. Lucky for me this one’s 1000 meters. I love this watch so much.

Here’s the face. Though it’s simple but I’m telling you, it’s a good investment mates. This one’s from the reserve line.

I didn’t stop here maties. So far I have eight of these watches. I am still in the market for these beauties. They all can be worn with formal clothing or casual. They are really thoughtfully made.

How bout you? What’s your weakness?

April 5, 2016

© Katz  L 2016 🌟


…riding the train

A late upload

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken the public transport. Here in the city, it’s a blessing to have as many choices of any public transport that fits your needs. Trains, buses, taxi-cabs, uber and so much more. For about a month now, I have been riding the public transport. There were reasons why I try and stay away from using these amenities. 

First, I’m a total germophobe..I don’t like touching anything or be in places where other people left their dirty prints on or has parked their booties on. I don’t know where they’ve been or what they’ve been handling and sitting right next to them isn’t a good idea for me.

Second, I don’t like the idea of being too close to someone for that amount of time. I don’t like to hear them breathe, feel their warmth or smell them either. It’s enough I have to deal with meself.

Last, I really don’t like the way people smell..either too much perfumery can trigger my allergies and I am left to struggle the rest of the day or a gagging body odour, that would make me want to jump out of the train for some clean air, I can’t find unless I’m in a virgin island. 

Today however, I will enjoy this ride. It’s a beautiful day and I have chosen to ride the latest train. There’s less people to deal with and there’s plenty of room to sit anywhere.

How bout you? When was the last time you’ve taken the public transport?

Thank you for stopping by everyone. Have a splendid weekend.

July 20, 2016

© Katz  L 2016

…and they say it’s just a trim

Another late upload.

          Since I am very allergic to dander and anything with hair, we have agreed to trim my cousin’s cat’s hair. Bootsie we call him. He is this gray and white puffy tabby. He is actually cute and keeps to himself. Unfortunately, his cuteness doesn’t help with my allergy. So, we had all decided to give him a quick trim. The Man said “I will give him a trim if you will hold him down”. I know he’s lost his cents sometime ago but his quarters? Oh boy. 

          Anyway, I asked my cousin if she can hold Bootsie whil the Man clips his hair and I take all the fun photos. So here is Bootsie.

He’s all lookin at me not really sure if he likes the idea of being ganged up on.

Look at all that hair. It’s like buzzin’ a sheep off its wool.

Almost done. Had to give him a break-

And he’s all so lovey & cuddly. He looks sooo cute without that hair on him.

Now we all can enjoy his company and presence without sneezing all day and night long.

Thank you everyone for stopping by. Share some photos of your pets.

August 20, 2016

© Katz  L 2016 🌟

Niagra Falls NY

September 4, 2016

Chicken Wing Festival

          My cousin Rhea and I planned to go to this festival months before my family and I moved here. We thought since most people are off during labour day weekend, we will stay the night in Buffalo NY. Luckily, we made all reservations and had time to check out Niagra falls at night. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see its grandeur in the day time. Perhaps one day when we visit or drive up this way again.

          We drove through fields of corn on both sides of the road. I have never seen a lot of cornfields in my life. Eventhough it was exhausting because of the heat, I was enjoying the two-hour drive. I was able to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of these small towns. We cruised down this main road and it was dedicated to the Veterans who fought for this country. I was truly in awe. There was a small cul-de-sac where the US flag and various military flags stood and happily waving to passers-by. Then, just as quickly we entered, so was our exit.

          Finally, we made it to our destination. My dear Greek Gods. I have never been in a stadium full of vendors serving all kinds of spiciness.

It was too hot I couldn’t even get a good picture-

Yes, Booty’s was one of the winners last year.

We didn’t stay long. Just enough to try out these buffalo wings. 

Here is a beautiful building. Somewhere downtown Buffalo NY. Justice building. I truly love the design and architecture of this lovely building.

          Sure enough we found our hotel, twenty minutes to Niagra Falls. I can’t hardly wait. I was bored while waiting for the rest of my company so my kids and hubby perused outside. Well, more than that actually. We had a late lunch.

Here’s the right ride-

Here’s the left side-

Both buildings serves as student apartments and loft for those who work away from home. This place is truly nice and comfortable and really affordable too.

We decided the In and Out Pasta for Supper. This is a delicious pasta. Cheese tortellini with mushroom, tomatoes, chicken and pesto sauce.

          Lastly, here is Niagra Falls at night. Beautiful and colourful. Truly amazing.

Thank you everyone for stopping by.

#food #Niagrafalls #buffalowingsfestival

© Katz  L 2016 🌟

What a weekend!

🌟 August 29, 2016

Counting the days in the Borough-

It’s day five here in the borough and we are loving it here. I am amazed how beautiful the surroundings are and how lush the greens can truly be. I am truly grateful for this place, though we are miles away from traffic but we really appreciate the quiet and tranquility this neighborhood has offered.

It’s grilled porkchops and grilled corn for supper today. Here is Steve and my cousin Rhea manning the grill while I prepared the other trimmings (green salad, potato salad and the rest). We had a fantastic day afterall. The weather was just perfect for grilling and the backyard provided us a view to enjoy. Beyond those trees is the primary school for my youngest son and down there is a playground for them to enjoy while summer is still here. 

In two days school starts and the kids are thrilled to make new friends and enjoy their new school this year. This will be their first time going to a separate school. They are both excited but I am worried, I am a mum afterall and it’s normal for me to feel this way.

Thank you for visiting ☺

© Katz  L 2016 🌟

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