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What a weekend!

🌟 August 29, 2016

Counting the days in the Borough-

It’s day five here in the borough and we are loving it here. I am amazed how beautiful the surroundings are and how lush the greens can truly be. I am truly grateful for this place, though we are miles away from traffic but we really appreciate the quiet and tranquility this neighborhood has offered.

It’s grilled porkchops and grilled corn for supper today. Here is Steve and my cousin Rhea manning the grill while I prepared the other trimmings (green salad, potato salad and the rest). We had a fantastic day afterall. The weather was just perfect for grilling and the backyard provided us a view to enjoy. Beyond those trees is the primary school for my youngest son and down there is a playground for them to enjoy while summer is still here. 

In two days school starts and the kids are thrilled to make new friends and enjoy their new school this year. This will be their first time going to a separate school. They are both excited but I am worried, I am a mum afterall and it’s normal for me to feel this way.

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© Katz  L 2016 🌟


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