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…and they say it’s just a trim

Another late upload.

          Since I am very allergic to dander and anything with hair, we have agreed to trim my cousin’s cat’s hair. Bootsie we call him. He is this gray and white puffy tabby. He is actually cute and keeps to himself. Unfortunately, his cuteness doesn’t help with my allergy. So, we had all decided to give him a quick trim. The Man said “I will give him a trim if you will hold him down”. I know he’s lost his cents sometime ago but his quarters? Oh boy. 

          Anyway, I asked my cousin if she can hold Bootsie whil the Man clips his hair and I take all the fun photos. So here is Bootsie.

He’s all lookin at me not really sure if he likes the idea of being ganged up on.

Look at all that hair. It’s like buzzin’ a sheep off its wool.

Almost done. Had to give him a break-

And he’s all so lovey & cuddly. He looks sooo cute without that hair on him.

Now we all can enjoy his company and presence without sneezing all day and night long.

Thank you everyone for stopping by. Share some photos of your pets.

August 20, 2016

Β© Katz  L 2016 🌟

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2 thoughts on “…and they say it’s just a trim

  1. That cat is big. What breed is it? I like the gray colored ones too. Your cat looks clean.

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