LIFE in a World of Chaos

And it’s complete…

          A few years ago I purchased this economical sewing machine. Sadly, I never got to use it. Though it took a trip with me to California and there it stayed and found it’s new home in my dad’s house. 

          That was five years ago. Luckily, my husband bought me an upgrade of that sewing machine and I am truly delighted to find time and make the coolest things. 

          We moved to our new place… far away from the chaos and the toxic people that was weighing us down. I am delighted to say, I have a lot of time to work on projects these days and I am so happy I was able to complete them in a whiff-

These are some of the textiles I bought the other  day and I cannot wait to purchase more.

Here are some finished pillow cases. I truly enjoyed making these. i couldn’t be more happier.

Thank you to this friendly machine update my husband bought me for my birthday- I am truly digging this.

          So today I am going to make more of these lovely pillow cases-

How about you folks? Any projects  in the making this weekend?

© Katz  L 2016 🌟


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3 thoughts on “And it’s complete…

  1. You did a great job here. I like that skull pillowcase you made. 💀

  2. Those are the coolest designs so far. I would love to be able to make those too but I don’t know how to sew.

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