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A special birdy-day

So before we celebrate xmas holidays we first have a birdy-day for my now eleven years old Jupinxter. So far she’s been having great anxiety of what she wants to do for her big-day.  Finally, she thought of just a low key family dinner. So Red Lobster we all went and enjoyed our time. 

The timing was right when we arrived. There was no waiting to be seated. Of course we had a closed quartered area of 4 groups of party tables and 2 booths. We had it good. The family we sat next to were preparing to leave, so we were left the only table for about 10 minutes until elderly couples were seated behind us in one of the small booths. 

We all had fun and our meal was delicious, as always.

Her birdy meal- Ultimate Feast Platter. She did finish it all as well 😀

My Admirals Feast, truly scrumptious.

Her one favourite treat, lava cake & ice cream 😀🌟

With aunti Rhea and her Shrimp Feast

Brother’s favourite popcorn shrimp meal

It truly was a great day and dinner with family. A fabulous surprise for the birthday girl to have dad home in time for her birthday dinner and holiday. Leaving again day after xmas.

We’ve managed this few months just ok. Today truly was splendid and kids had no idea dad was home for 5 days in time for the holiday. Though he was still away, it was a great surprise. 

Not only that, the couple behind us secretly paid $50 of our bill. It truly was unexpected and we were so elated. Grams took our group photo and they were so gracious to have done such wonderful deed and gift to my Jupinxter. They sang happy birthday song with us and greeted & wished her a fun-filled birthday! I truly wished we took down their names so we can keep in touch with these lovely couple 😀

Happy Birthday Jupinxter!

© Katz  L 2017 🌟


Niagra Falls NY

September 4, 2016

Chicken Wing Festival

          My cousin Rhea and I planned to go to this festival months before my family and I moved here. We thought since most people are off during labour day weekend, we will stay the night in Buffalo NY. Luckily, we made all reservations and had time to check out Niagra falls at night. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see its grandeur in the day time. Perhaps one day when we visit or drive up this way again.

          We drove through fields of corn on both sides of the road. I have never seen a lot of cornfields in my life. Eventhough it was exhausting because of the heat, I was enjoying the two-hour drive. I was able to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of these small towns. We cruised down this main road and it was dedicated to the Veterans who fought for this country. I was truly in awe. There was a small cul-de-sac where the US flag and various military flags stood and happily waving to passers-by. Then, just as quickly we entered, so was our exit.

          Finally, we made it to our destination. My dear Greek Gods. I have never been in a stadium full of vendors serving all kinds of spiciness.

It was too hot I couldn’t even get a good picture-

Yes, Booty’s was one of the winners last year.

We didn’t stay long. Just enough to try out these buffalo wings. 

Here is a beautiful building. Somewhere downtown Buffalo NY. Justice building. I truly love the design and architecture of this lovely building.

          Sure enough we found our hotel, twenty minutes to Niagra Falls. I can’t hardly wait. I was bored while waiting for the rest of my company so my kids and hubby perused outside. Well, more than that actually. We had a late lunch.

Here’s the right ride-

Here’s the left side-

Both buildings serves as student apartments and loft for those who work away from home. This place is truly nice and comfortable and really affordable too.

We decided the In and Out Pasta for Supper. This is a delicious pasta. Cheese tortellini with mushroom, tomatoes, chicken and pesto sauce.

          Lastly, here is Niagra Falls at night. Beautiful and colourful. Truly amazing.

Thank you everyone for stopping by.

#food #Niagrafalls #buffalowingsfestival

© Katz  L 2016 🌟


It’s that time of year when Lobsters are abundant. Surely millions of people in this planet enjoys a delicious, meaty and scrumptious Maine Lobster-

Last night, I took my mum and hubby at our local Red Lobster and we all took advantage of this season’s lobsterfest. Here are photos to share-


Indeed we let loose and enjoyed a pair of dueling lobster with green beans and garlic mashed potatoes. Hubby had the same with asparagus. Mum on the other hand enjoyed her lobster baked, well, it’s a three-piece lobster tail with corn and spuds- they were all delicious.


Piled up high on this plate are the shells of what we’ve just devoured minutes ago- they really looked like the carcass of a dead alien in the predator film 🙂


I can’t explain the joy I felt when I looked and saw mum enjoying her feast for the night.

• • •

Our night was splendid, we surely had a great time with our waitress and in exchanged a great service and superb tip. She was such a sport. My husband as some of you know has a sarcastic sense of humour. He will give anyone a hard time in a friendly fashion. Luckily our booth was centered towards the wall, the opposite side of the room where the elderly were seated. Thankfully, neither patrons/guests complained about our boisterous charge in the room. In the end, our waitress enjoyed her time and hopefully we’ll see her again sometime-

I hope you all had a great dining experience as well 🙂

 © Katz-2015

What I miss most in the Pacific Islands~

I apologize for the late upload- 

Have you ever miss anything in your life? Have you ever craved for something that only exists in one particular place? Something that’s authentic in its way?


Photo above shows all the fruits I miss so much that only exists in one particular place. Though some try to import – export or grow some of the same fruits, but the taste is different. Nothing compares to the classic & original, when it comes to island fruits.


I remember growing up, in our back yard we have a huge tree called ‘langka’ in our dialect, ‘jackfruit’ is what Americans call this fruit. This is a huge and heavy kind of fruit, it’s size is like that of a nine month old baby and could weigh up to fifteen sometimes twenty pounds. The smell is intricate when ready and just the exact ripeness. Its taste depends on how ripe the fruit is. There is nothing to waste with this fruit, even the seed can be cooked and to eat at a later time for the family to snack on and enjoy while watching television.


Just a closer look of some dragon fruits that is also known here in the america and is enjoyed by many. Towards the back are the ‘papaya’ fruits. Again, the taste all depends how ripe the fruit is. Some people prefers to eat it when its crispy and with a little colour. Some, prefers it ripe all the way for its rich and sweet flavour. Either way it’s good-
Then of course, there’s the most popular mangoes. We really can’t speak enough about these delicious mangoes.


I think for me these wonderful ‘lansonez’ are just as good as any fruits in the island of the pacific. Delicious and sweet- I haven’t tasted anything I didn’t like. It can be the least favourite but I still like all fruits.


Atis or custard apple is one of my favourite as well. This is sweet and does have seeds. Growing up, I remember well, I could eat two at a time and keep the seeds for later use. Unfortunately, this fruit is imported here in the US in the ‘frozen’ section only.



Mangosteen! Yes, I could never have enough of these delicious fuzzy and sweet fruit. These are also available here in US in the can only.

So, now that you have read this blog, I encourage you to try some of these amazing fruits from the island of the pacific. They are now ready and available at your local food market and is available at any Asian markets as well.

Have a great weekend everyone! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

© katz 2013

Reasons to eat fruits

Have you ever wondered what good does a banana for? Perhaps, what does eating watermelon good for? Well here it is. Just the simplest information you can read about and be informed of their benefits-

Enjoy your fruits

© Katz 2013

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