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And then there’s purple hair…

So for a few years now my mum appreciates the colour wheel. This year she’s decided to go purple. A lovely shade of purple as a matter of fact. I couldn’t encourage her to be more out going and stylish.

So here is my mum..  sporting her new do and the colour purple!

Isn’t it a lovely shade of purple?!?! What do you think?

Thank you for stopping by mates 😁

Katz 2017


That toothache

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a really bad toothache. Last week while we were at the theatre enjoying the show of “Guardians of the Galaxy” my tooth started to throb. While eating popcorn on the right side of my mouth the left side started to really hurt bad. I didn’t have any ibuprofen or aleeve and neither did the attendants. So I sat through the entire show applying pressure on my now extremely painful tooth. I was afraid if I let off the pressure the pain would shoot through the roof.

Unfortunately, I endure two hours of throbbing pain in my jaw and a slight headache by the first hour passed. All I could think of was a cone of ice cream 🍦🍨 as the time slowly crawled though the film was fun and entertaining, my seat was starting to get really uncomfortable. I didn’t want to get up and excuse myself infront of all the people to walk past them to the counter to get a cup of ice cream. So I simmered in pain and waited patiently until the show ended —

Finally we made it home and I immediately took ibuprofen and was lucky to have slept through the night. However, when I woke up I had this extremely weird feeling on the left side of my face just under my cheek. I looked in the mirror and the left side of my face looked like a small mountain ⛰. It had swollen to the size of a tomato and it’s on my jaw — where my toothache had been. 

This is how my face looked like when I woke up that Monday morning. I went on working at home and then three hours had passed my face started feeling uncomfortable.

My face looked bigger by the hour. I could feel the infection has gone down my jaw line and started to spread towards my nodes. So I rushed to the ER and saw our favourite attending doctor. He prescribe me with a higher dose of penicillin for ten days-three times daily. I couldn’t wait to take the meds amd start feeling better. I could feel the infection eating away my flesh and all I want to do is flush it out with some penicillin. I couldn’t wait to get feeling better again.

Though today I feel somewhat better, I can still feel that infection eating at my flesh.

I hope your weekend is better than mine mates. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and thank you for stopping by.

© Katz  L 2017 🌟

Project #3

So my longtime friend is finally having a baby girl. And what fabulous way to welcome her than making a quilt blanket. So I gathered all my materials and took out the bundle of fabrics I’ve been waiting to sew for a reason.

After finding out his soon baby girl I wanted to make this blanket with her name on it. However, that thought failed since I have no experience in sewing characters. So I just left it as the regular quilt blanket.

This is what I came up with. I truly couldn’t ask for better hues of pink, blues and green than this. I purchased this bundle at our local store and just now found a use for it.

I hope this is big enough for his little girl Adeline 😀 I love that name.

Thank you everyone for stopping by. Have a happy quilting!

© Katz  L 2017 🌟

Hello New Year 2017

Hello Everyone!!

Gosh it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything in here. Honestly, i’ve been very busy with things living here in the countryside. There’s so much to explore even until today. Since our move here about four months ago, we really haven’t ventured the east.. west.. south and north just yet.

Due to this harsh weather it kept us at close proximity in venturing the unknown vast space out there. We are having such a wonderful time experiencing this great countryside living. The air is fresh & crisp every morning til noon…then theres the drop of temperature in the late afternoon. I truly wouldn’t like to be caught driving at night since there’s no street lights on the road. The road really plays tricks on you when your car’s headlight is the only source of illumination on the road. I feel like i’m in the film “Riddick” when they were walking in the darkness & their only source of light were those tubelights from some battery pack-

Needless to say, I will be posting some of my quilting projects soon.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a fabulous day and New Years everyone!!

© Katz  L 2016 🌟

A special birdy-day

So before we celebrate xmas holidays we first have a birdy-day for my now eleven years old Jupinxter. So far she’s been having great anxiety of what she wants to do for her big-day.  Finally, she thought of just a low key family dinner. So Red Lobster we all went and enjoyed our time. 

The timing was right when we arrived. There was no waiting to be seated. Of course we had a closed quartered area of 4 groups of party tables and 2 booths. We had it good. The family we sat next to were preparing to leave, so we were left the only table for about 10 minutes until elderly couples were seated behind us in one of the small booths. 

We all had fun and our meal was delicious, as always.

Her birdy meal- Ultimate Feast Platter. She did finish it all as well 😀

My Admirals Feast, truly scrumptious.

Her one favourite treat, lava cake & ice cream 😀🌟

With aunti Rhea and her Shrimp Feast

Brother’s favourite popcorn shrimp meal

It truly was a great day and dinner with family. A fabulous surprise for the birthday girl to have dad home in time for her birthday dinner and holiday. Leaving again day after xmas.

We’ve managed this few months just ok. Today truly was splendid and kids had no idea dad was home for 5 days in time for the holiday. Though he was still away, it was a great surprise. 

Not only that, the couple behind us secretly paid $50 of our bill. It truly was unexpected and we were so elated. Grams took our group photo and they were so gracious to have done such wonderful deed and gift to my Jupinxter. They sang happy birthday song with us and greeted & wished her a fun-filled birthday! I truly wished we took down their names so we can keep in touch with these lovely couple 😀

Happy Birthday Jupinxter!

© Katz  L 2017 🌟

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