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Niagra Falls NY

September 4, 2016

Chicken Wing Festival

          My cousin Rhea and I planned to go to this festival months before my family and I moved here. We thought since most people are off during labour day weekend, we will stay the night in Buffalo NY. Luckily, we made all reservations and had time to check out Niagra falls at night. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see its grandeur in the day time. Perhaps one day when we visit or drive up this way again.

          We drove through fields of corn on both sides of the road. I have never seen a lot of cornfields in my life. Eventhough it was exhausting because of the heat, I was enjoying the two-hour drive. I was able to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of these small towns. We cruised down this main road and it was dedicated to the Veterans who fought for this country. I was truly in awe. There was a small cul-de-sac where the US flag and various military flags stood and happily waving to passers-by. Then, just as quickly we entered, so was our exit.

          Finally, we made it to our destination. My dear Greek Gods. I have never been in a stadium full of vendors serving all kinds of spiciness.

It was too hot I couldn’t even get a good picture-

Yes, Booty’s was one of the winners last year.

We didn’t stay long. Just enough to try out these buffalo wings. 

Here is a beautiful building. Somewhere downtown Buffalo NY. Justice building. I truly love the design and architecture of this lovely building.

          Sure enough we found our hotel, twenty minutes to Niagra Falls. I can’t hardly wait. I was bored while waiting for the rest of my company so my kids and hubby perused outside. Well, more than that actually. We had a late lunch.

Here’s the right ride-

Here’s the left side-

Both buildings serves as student apartments and loft for those who work away from home. This place is truly nice and comfortable and really affordable too.

We decided the In and Out Pasta for Supper. This is a delicious pasta. Cheese tortellini with mushroom, tomatoes, chicken and pesto sauce.

          Lastly, here is Niagra Falls at night. Beautiful and colourful. Truly amazing.

Thank you everyone for stopping by.

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© Katz  L 2016 🌟


My friend’s hard work…

A very good friend of mine in California recently purchased their home for the very first time. They worked hard and sacrificed too much to where they are now.
I am sharing these photos because I am so happy of her/their accomplishments. I hope you enjoy their photos as much as I do~

After a long day’s hard work ~


Then here


With the use of these




Cherry tomato


The end corner


Before and after


The beginning


At last


All of me




Yes! Home made


Yes!! I’ve heard this chilli pepper here is one of the hottest, ever. Though I cannot attest since I haven’t really tried this yet.




Its needed


Its that time-

They did a great job!
Thank you everyone for stopping by!

© Katz, 2015

Lunch hour

One thing we enjoy on a work week is our lunch hour- some of us spend their lunch hour shopping, running their errands or simply just having lunch alone or with co-workers.

Here are two photos of some of the fun and exciting menus my colleagues and I had experimented on.  Today, we simply had Mexican food


Macho nachos


Beef taco with pineapples

•  •  •  •  •

How about you?  Share some photos of your lunch 🙂

Have a great day everyone!

© Kat Lukenovich 2012

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