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…and they say it’s just a trim

Another late upload.

          Since I am very allergic to dander and anything with hair, we have agreed to trim my cousin’s cat’s hair. Bootsie we call him. He is this gray and white puffy tabby. He is actually cute and keeps to himself. Unfortunately, his cuteness doesn’t help with my allergy. So, we had all decided to give him a quick trim. The Man said “I will give him a trim if you will hold him down”. I know he’s lost his cents sometime ago but his quarters? Oh boy. 

          Anyway, I asked my cousin if she can hold Bootsie whil the Man clips his hair and I take all the fun photos. So here is Bootsie.

He’s all lookin at me not really sure if he likes the idea of being ganged up on.

Look at all that hair. It’s like buzzin’ a sheep off its wool.

Almost done. Had to give him a break-

And he’s all so lovey & cuddly. He looks sooo cute without that hair on him.

Now we all can enjoy his company and presence without sneezing all day and night long.

Thank you everyone for stopping by. Share some photos of your pets.

August 20, 2016

© Katz  L 2016 🌟


A fun weekend-

This ones a late upload-

We didn’t have any planned activities and due to the weather, we all thought of staying inside. When I opened the front door and saw blue skies and the sun was shining, we all hurried to the car and just took off not caring which way to go.. North-South-East-West, its all good to me.

We took the highway and took an exit and ended up at the “Officers Row”, it’s Vancouver National Historic Reserve Historic District, is a congregation of 21 of the former homes of U.S. military officers stationed at the Vancouver Barracks in Vancouver, Washington.

The horses were out and a wedding was taking place. We parked and enjoyed the scenery. The kids chatted with some volunteers at the field and here are some pictures-


This is Max- he’s one gorgeous stallion. He’s nine years old-


One of the volunteers who was showing us the type of firearm the cavalry was using at the time-


Our next stop was the Air Museum- here is what’s left at the old air field, the rest were moved to their new location, of which we will be visiting, possibly next week.


♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦

Thank you for stopping by everyone! Have a great wonderful day ahead!

© Katz- 2015

Anniversary Present-

Gift giving-

What is the importance of giving gifts? How often must we give/receive gifts? Tradition/Culture? What does it mean?

Well, for many- gift giving is a means of appreciation of a good deed well done (helping around the house, cooking for someone, watching the kids when you are out of town; the list goes on). For others, it is simply just because they want to give gifts to someone they love and deserving-

In my case, it is our Anniversary 🙂 and this year, my husband bought me a snake. Not just any ordinary snake, a slithering that I truly enjoy; “Sumatran Red Blood Python” if any of you are familiar with this species, it is the most sought out snake in the world; due to its colour and pattern, they are used for materials such as hand bags, boots, jackets and fashion items-



Her skin

Amazingly pretty


such a beautiful blood python-

~ ♦ ~ ♦~

Blood pythons are not beginner snakes. Due to their temperaments and disposition, they are usually nippy snakes. I have been a lucky gal- she’s never struck at me, neither has she shown any signs of aggression towards me or my children, for that matter.
I am definitely enjoying her company and can’t wait to get to know her even more-

To those of you who are snakes enthusiast or beginners in the snake world, do read up on them. They do get huge as adult.

©Kat_L 2012

The Saddest News I’ve Ever Heard (this month)

Below is a link to the article regarding the newly banned list of reptiles in Florida.,0,419029.story#tugs_story_display

Honestly, I am quite sad with this knowledge.  Unfortunately, it isn’t the reptile’s fault, whoever owned them didn’t realize how huge these snakes could get.  They werent’ informed and educated about these types of reptiles before purchasing.  All this could’ve been eliminated if only sellers were a bit strict in selling these lovely giants. 

Buyers without prior experience or knowledge about certain reptiles or snakes in this matter shouldn’t be allowed to purchase these types of snakes. 

Luckily, my husband is very much experienced in these types of reptiles.  We are currently house hunting, before these Burmese grows out to be twenty feet long, we need to build their husbandry.  I guess for us here in the West side, we shall proceed with our business.


© Kat Lukenovich 2012



Hydra-  Albino Burmese Python



Hydra with my 3 yr old son Tristan, both enjoying each others company


Orion my 6 yr old daughter is having a blast with Hydra. 


With my special beloved Hydra.  She is my favorite snake of the bunch. 

•  •  •

Here is my favorite Albino Burmese Python.  Hydra is 2yrs old and is about 5 ft long and weighs around 4.53 kilos (10 lbs).  Hydra is a very docile Burmese.  We brought her home last Thursday and is nursing her back to health.  She picked up a cold before we took her home.  She seems to be doing better now that she’s under a warm light and with the company of snake freaks (that would be my family and meself).



© Kat Lukenovich 2012

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