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Project #3

So my longtime friend is finally having a baby girl. And what fabulous way to welcome her than making a quilt blanket. So I gathered all my materials and took out the bundle of fabrics I’ve been waiting to sew for a reason.

After finding out his soon baby girl I wanted to make this blanket with her name on it. However, that thought failed since I have no experience in sewing characters. So I just left it as the regular quilt blanket.

This is what I came up with. I truly couldn’t ask for better hues of pink, blues and green than this. I purchased this bundle at our local store and just now found a use for it.

I hope this is big enough for his little girl Adeline 😀 I love that name.

Thank you everyone for stopping by. Have a happy quilting!

© Katz  L 2017 🌟


And it’s complete…

          A few years ago I purchased this economical sewing machine. Sadly, I never got to use it. Though it took a trip with me to California and there it stayed and found it’s new home in my dad’s house. 

          That was five years ago. Luckily, my husband bought me an upgrade of that sewing machine and I am truly delighted to find time and make the coolest things. 

          We moved to our new place… far away from the chaos and the toxic people that was weighing us down. I am delighted to say, I have a lot of time to work on projects these days and I am so happy I was able to complete them in a whiff-

These are some of the textiles I bought the other  day and I cannot wait to purchase more.

Here are some finished pillow cases. I truly enjoyed making these. i couldn’t be more happier.

Thank you to this friendly machine update my husband bought me for my birthday- I am truly digging this.

          So today I am going to make more of these lovely pillow cases-

How about you folks? Any projects  in the making this weekend?

© Katz  L 2016 🌟

Invicta – Swiss Made Watches

Really late upload for April 2016

“what a beautiful day it’s going to be…my first thought as I opened  my eyes and saw the sun rays through the blinds this morning.”

Indeed it was a splendid day. I took the kids out for a drive and enjoyed the scenery. It’s been months since we had a great time outdoors due to weather. Today we took advantage of that. Just us three.

As the children grew restless, I took them shopping. Clothes, shoes, toys and more stuff to add to their clutter of junk in their rooms. They were happy nonetheless. That’s all that matters to me. Finally, it was time to go home.

Later that night, I perused online. I searched for the “best affordable swiss watches” and I landed on “Invicta Watches” website.  I was totally amazed how gorgeous these watches are. I read a lot of reviews and they are really good and comparable to those watches that are super expensive. I read on more and the more I want this watch.

The next day I went to Costco to renew my membership and there I went to peruse their jewelry aisle. Truly surprised to see a couple of invicta watches. I checked it out and was happy to come home with it. I bought it for the Man unfortunately. So now I will be buying mine online, sadly.

Here is the Man’s watch I came home with from Costco. Unfortunately, this watch is too big for my tiny wrist.

Finally, after three days of waiting, my first Invicta watch came in the mail. Here is a mother of pearl face plate in a divers watch. Yes! I bought the Sub Aqua divers watch. I am truly happy. I didn’t stop here.

I bought another men’s Invicta watch. This here is the Sea Hunter Sub Aqua. The Man is super stoked he’s getting all these expensive watches. He never imagined someone would spend this much money on a pair of watch for him.

I bought another Invicta for me. I made sure they are at least 300 meters deep. I tend to just jump in the pool or beach with my watch on. Lucky for me this one’s 1000 meters. I love this watch so much.

Here’s the face. Though it’s simple but I’m telling you, it’s a good investment mates. This one’s from the reserve line.

I didn’t stop here maties. So far I have eight of these watches. I am still in the market for these beauties. They all can be worn with formal clothing or casual. They are really thoughtfully made.

How bout you? What’s your weakness?

April 5, 2016

© Katz  L 2016 🌟

My friend’s hard work…

A very good friend of mine in California recently purchased their home for the very first time. They worked hard and sacrificed too much to where they are now.
I am sharing these photos because I am so happy of her/their accomplishments. I hope you enjoy their photos as much as I do~

After a long day’s hard work ~


Then here


With the use of these




Cherry tomato


The end corner


Before and after


The beginning


At last


All of me




Yes! Home made


Yes!! I’ve heard this chilli pepper here is one of the hottest, ever. Though I cannot attest since I haven’t really tried this yet.




Its needed


Its that time-

They did a great job!
Thank you everyone for stopping by!

© Katz, 2015

That Red Riding Hood-

So I have this red coat I call Red Riding Hood. It has served me well over the years. It has become my favourite red coat-                          … and the story goes like this-

~ ♦ ~♦ ~♦ ~

I finally had the chance to mend an errant button which was literally hanging by a thread on my favourite red coat. Mending this button has been part of my need-to-do list for sometime now, but relegated to the other sub category of procrastination, perhaps never. I’d rather be doing something fun than be jabbed by this tiny needle (well, we know it wouldn’t be an accident but rather not paying attention) kind of jab. (Needlework was fun, for as long as my cousins are in this group.)
So, I blissfully ignored Red Riding Hood Button until tonight, when I finally realized that one tug will send Riding Hood flying to eternal freedom. Mending is not really my thing and if I had glue within reach, I would have happily stuck the button back with it. Sadly, no glue was in sight, so its back to mending. I went about sewing it back analyzing whether traditional criss-cross or the precedent parallel stitching would be better. In this matter, I went with both, criss-cross on the front and parallel in the back and just to lock it in tight, never mind the aesthetic, just secure Riding Hood for the next few years. I was on the last step of tying the thread to a knot when I realized how wrong I was and that I actually enjoyed it. This task which I was avoiding to do quieted my tired mind. It relaxed me and afforded me a respite from all the pressures, and the sum of all that. It gave me space to breathe.

red coat

Hope you all find your happy task and share about it 🙂

© Katz 2015

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