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Annie- Green Anaconda


~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~

It’s been such a pleasure to have Annie in our home. She is the greatest green anaconda i have ever held, played with and talked to.

My home is a den of snakes that ranges from a footer snakes to the biggest and longest in the world. Luckily, Sasha isn’t there yet. Sasha is one of the longest snake in the world, that reaches up to 30 feet long. Depending on snake locality, will tell you their length- as for Sasha, our tiger reticulated python, she is 2 years old and as long as 15 feet, weighing about 100 lbs-

Annie- a green anaconda is one of the biggest snake in the world, due to their size & weight reaching up to 350 lbs. Snakes are vicious in the wild, the same as dogs in the wild; they will attack and tear you to pieces. Snakes in captivity can be taught to eat specific type of food. They do not eat humans; on different circumstances they do happen unfortunately. Due to the owners lack of knowledge on how to handle a snake or they don’t know what they’re getting into-

We have snakes for the sole purpose of educational reasons. We assist in educating the public and snake enthusiasts about these barred species. Now i said barred only because people tend to freak out when they see snakes slithering about or across the yard…or when they see someone holding a snake and they walk to the opposite side, watches the show from a distance. These are the reasons why we love what we do- educating the public, schools and children and adults alike.

We organize shows and based upon requests, we attend events and identifying special ocassions- it is a fun filled experience with all the snakes we have in our zoo-den.

I encourage you to read up on some articles about these amazing species-
Until next posting everyone 🙂

© Kat_L 2013




My little guy- so gorgeous and amazing. His pattern, his saddles, his tail and the vividness of his colour, there’s no one else like him-


Just gorgeous as the sun gives light to this planet- so does my Optimus. He is such a character. He’s only a baby when we took him home- 2 months i think?!


He is much bigger and is surely playful. He enjoys being held and loves Tristan too-

~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~

Optimus- Hypo Boa. I was so thrilled when i saw him at the reptile store. I have always appreciated the colourful snakes above all else. So when i saw Optimus, i must take him home. Luck was on my side that day, my husband bought him as a late anniversary present for me. So now you can imagine how much i just love this guy.

We took him home and soonest i parked myself inside the house, i’ve asked my kids to name a snake. Our son Tristan loves transformers so much he wanted to name him Optimus- i thought about it and realized, the name fits perfectly for this little guy.

Optimus is such a wonderful snake, not only because of his colour but his disposition as well. He is not head shy- meaning he’s accustomed to having his head touched all the time. He is such an amazing snake- i love him to pieces.

For anyone who is considering to own a snake, these babies are a good beginner snake as well 🙂 do read up about them though. Get familiar how big they get before taking one home-

© Katz_L 2012

Anniversary Present-

Gift giving-

What is the importance of giving gifts? How often must we give/receive gifts? Tradition/Culture? What does it mean?

Well, for many- gift giving is a means of appreciation of a good deed well done (helping around the house, cooking for someone, watching the kids when you are out of town; the list goes on). For others, it is simply just because they want to give gifts to someone they love and deserving-

In my case, it is our Anniversary 🙂 and this year, my husband bought me a snake. Not just any ordinary snake, a slithering that I truly enjoy; “Sumatran Red Blood Python” if any of you are familiar with this species, it is the most sought out snake in the world; due to its colour and pattern, they are used for materials such as hand bags, boots, jackets and fashion items-



Her skin

Amazingly pretty


such a beautiful blood python-

~ ♦ ~ ♦~

Blood pythons are not beginner snakes. Due to their temperaments and disposition, they are usually nippy snakes. I have been a lucky gal- she’s never struck at me, neither has she shown any signs of aggression towards me or my children, for that matter.
I am definitely enjoying her company and can’t wait to get to know her even more-

To those of you who are snakes enthusiast or beginners in the snake world, do read up on them. They do get huge as adult.

©Kat_L 2012

The Saddest News I’ve Ever Heard (this month)

Below is a link to the article regarding the newly banned list of reptiles in Florida.,0,419029.story#tugs_story_display

Honestly, I am quite sad with this knowledge.  Unfortunately, it isn’t the reptile’s fault, whoever owned them didn’t realize how huge these snakes could get.  They werent’ informed and educated about these types of reptiles before purchasing.  All this could’ve been eliminated if only sellers were a bit strict in selling these lovely giants. 

Buyers without prior experience or knowledge about certain reptiles or snakes in this matter shouldn’t be allowed to purchase these types of snakes. 

Luckily, my husband is very much experienced in these types of reptiles.  We are currently house hunting, before these Burmese grows out to be twenty feet long, we need to build their husbandry.  I guess for us here in the West side, we shall proceed with our business.


© Kat Lukenovich 2012



Hydra-  Albino Burmese Python



Hydra with my 3 yr old son Tristan, both enjoying each others company


Orion my 6 yr old daughter is having a blast with Hydra. 


With my special beloved Hydra.  She is my favorite snake of the bunch. 

•  •  •

Here is my favorite Albino Burmese Python.  Hydra is 2yrs old and is about 5 ft long and weighs around 4.53 kilos (10 lbs).  Hydra is a very docile Burmese.  We brought her home last Thursday and is nursing her back to health.  She picked up a cold before we took her home.  She seems to be doing better now that she’s under a warm light and with the company of snake freaks (that would be my family and meself).



© Kat Lukenovich 2012

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