LIFE in a World of Chaos


After an elaborate drama of identity theft and sought legal counsel and advise, it’s necessary to obtain this official Copyright.

Infringement and Plagiarism is the highest form of flattery these days… However, when my most intimate thoughts, heart-breaking emotions and simple words are taken from me – It’s no longer flattery. It’s simply a violation of my personal thoughts, emotions and perhaps, my life. It is completely inhuman.

. . . . .

This blog, IN WORLD OF CHAOS, ( is solely owned, and operated by Kat Lukenovich.

Any and all information, contained here unless otherwise specified is the property of Kat Lukenovich and is copyrighted.

No information, or post, may be recreated, reproduced, replicated or altered anywhere without the express written permission of Kat Lukenovich. Doing so without permission is a violation of Federal copyright laws. (see info & services section)

. . . . .

*Should you feel you need a privacy act, please email me at I will be glad to help you ‘how to’ set your Disclaimer page with you.

bonne chance (good luck)

Copyright © Kat Lukenovich, 2010 :)


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