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Albino Burmese Python



A beautiful delight with Hydra the Albino Burmese Python


Already, she’s a beauty at 2yrs old

•  •  •

This Albino Burmese Python is a beauty.  My husband and I took her home after purchasing her from a close acquaintance who used to own a snake store.  Unfortunately, their shop is now closed due to unsuitable demographic location. 

Here is Hydra, having a blast familiarizing her new surroundings and family members.  This is her first time having a closer encounter with any of us.  After taking her home last Thursday, we didn’t get a chance to check her out; since she wasn’t feeling well we just made sure she was warm and cozy in her new home.  Finally tonight, I am thrilled to get the opportunity to have this close encounter with her.  Though she hisses a lot, my thrill and excitement took the best of my and had a blast taking these photos of her and with everyone in the house.

Anyhow, here is a link in regards to information about Albino Burmese Python


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4 thoughts on “Hydra

  1. I like her color she is pretty. She reminds me of my husband’s old snake he used to own. never liked his snakes so i made him get rid of all of them. Its just how i roll ya know!

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