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Miss Sasha – Tiger Reticulated Python

Sasha is one of the most beautiful snakes we house in our home.  Her pattern is distinctive that of a Tiger Retic (type of breed).  Sasha came home to us when she was only a foot long, just old enough to be shipped after birth and first feed and shed.  Sasha is a birthday present for my husband.  Today, Sasha stands taller than my husband around 6.5 ft & weights about 10 lbs.  She is 6 months old.  Sasha is a very aggressive snake (on the good side), only because she is sure of herself.  Sasha (retic python) will be one of the longest snakes in the world.  Sasha is also het for albino (meaning, she will have  albino babies in her clutch).  In this picture, she just ate a rabbit.  I can’t wait for her to mate and produce babies 🙂

I enjoy her aggressiveness and her ability to seek for her keeper (my husband).  She also comes out of her hide when her name is being called.  Then they say snakes are deaf, not so in this case.  Sasha is very intelligent and very loving.  We enjoy her company very much!

Sasha is a pet snake.  I don’t advise her to be a beginner pet snake.   She is only for the professional and experienced snake keepers or breeders 🙂

 When Sasha is fully grown, she is one of the longest snakes in the world.  Averaging captivity she will be about 30 ft long and weighs around 200 lbs.

© Kat Lukenovich 2011


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