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Unfinished Projects~

Have you ever started a project and haven’t finished or completed it? Well, I have a few of them sitting in a box or simply on the table, in the room filled with stuff (hehe)-

Today, I will show you some of them-

Here are some photos to show my unfinished projects.


Unfinished Waffle Pattern– this one is a fun pattern to crochet. It does make me hungry at times just by looking at it-


I thought I was going to complete this project in a couple of weeks.. wrong!


Here is a Greek key pattern afghan– again, I thought this will only take a couple of weeks since the pattern is so simple. Well until I ran out of yarn. I ran to my local store for the rest of materials I need to complete this project, I found out, the store ran out of them as well- just my luck-


Until I ran out of yarn- I was getting excited thinking that this will be done so soon.


Here are some of Granny Squares, my soon to be next project- Again, I couldn’t find the time to even sew them together-

I know one fine day will come. Perhaps spring break will be so kind to me and will definitely provide me some help-

I will keep you posted with some completed projects-

Thank you everyone for stopping by 🙂

© Katz- 2015


My Etsy


A crochet head band with flowers and gold button embellishment


Some of the flowers I’ve crocheted in variety of colors


Another way to style the head-piece with this wiry flower


This blue hat I’m wearing is called a Tezzie pattern and the scarf is called a basket weave


This one is called a crocodile stitch pattern crochet


and here is Mr Bridge clad in a tunisian entrelac crochet design


♦  ♦  ♦


There are my newly accomplished projects.  So far, I have been occupied with new patterns and designs that’s hovering my head.  I get frustrated since my hands can’t work faster than my brain process the ideas that flashes in my vision 🙂

Should you be interested in any of these patterns, do let me know and I will try to accommodate anyone with their needs 🙂

Soon, I will paint again, I will write again and I will enjoy the great outdoors again.  I am also in the market for a street bike Kawasaki Ninja 250R-  I am working out with “insanity”.  You got that right, with Shawn-T…he’s the best for me.

So, please excuse the mess in this site… I just have so much in my plate 🙂


© Kat Lukenovich 2012



“Great things are accomplished by talented people who believe they will accomplish them. “
— Warren G. Bennis


Mr. Ben Bridge 2006

•  •  •


Hello 2012!!! Right here is my newest accomplishment to cheer the new year-

My stunning Mr. Ben Bridge taken home last 2006 from the ‘Ben Bridge Jewelers Mr. Ben is my darlin’ model for my newly accomplished crochet, a ‘Entrelac Tunisian design’-

I was browsing thru the internet for scarf images and came across these lovely photos of knitted & crochet scarves-  Right then, I knew what I have to do to make it my own. I googled and went to “youtube” for patterns. My search was endless, until I found this instructional video of and entrelac tunisian design. I watched the video segments and then decided that it’s an easy process.

In a months time, I was pleased with what the result of my labour.  The colour and Mr. Ben Bridge is a gem 🙂 then, I then accessorize it with this golden rope button ensemble for a dazzling contrast-

Project: Entrelac Tunisian Design: Lavender & Off White (Caron: Simply Soft Yarn)


 We are more than what we do, much more than what we accomplish, far more than what we possess.
— William Arthur Ward



© Kat Lukenovich 2012

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