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Happy New Year 2016



          I wish you all have a fabulous time in welcoming this New Year. I wish prosperity, harmony, wealth and joyful cheer to all. May everyone have a successful New Year!

Katz © 2016


A Very Happy New Year To All!!!

Officially the year is coming to close in a day.  Though this year has gone by so fast, I am lucky to say “I gained another year to witness every event life has offered”


Have a wonderful New Year Everyone!!!


© Kat Lukenovich 2011


Is it time to go home?

“Wait! Why is everybody flocking towards the door? Are we all headed home now?” Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky to accumulate hours of vacation time.  While most of the senior employees are headed home and getting their grooves ready for entertainment, some of us are chained don to their desks; like me for instance. I am chained until the clock strikes 5:00- only then can I go home. NOT!!! We must be released early today! With no luck, most of us are staying ’til 5pm tonight 😦

“Oh well” i sighed. “The day is almost done” i softly said. 


To all commuters: Please drive safely tonight, wherever you’re heading to-




© Kat Lukenovich 2011



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