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A special birdy-day

So before we celebrate xmas holidays we first have a birdy-day for my now eleven years old Jupinxter. So far she’s been having great anxiety of what she wants to do for her big-day.  Finally, she thought of just a low key family dinner. So Red Lobster we all went and enjoyed our time. 

The timing was right when we arrived. There was no waiting to be seated. Of course we had a closed quartered area of 4 groups of party tables and 2 booths. We had it good. The family we sat next to were preparing to leave, so we were left the only table for about 10 minutes until elderly couples were seated behind us in one of the small booths. 

We all had fun and our meal was delicious, as always.

Her birdy meal- Ultimate Feast Platter. She did finish it all as well 😀

My Admirals Feast, truly scrumptious.

Her one favourite treat, lava cake & ice cream 😀🌟

With aunti Rhea and her Shrimp Feast

Brother’s favourite popcorn shrimp meal

It truly was a great day and dinner with family. A fabulous surprise for the birthday girl to have dad home in time for her birthday dinner and holiday. Leaving again day after xmas.

We’ve managed this few months just ok. Today truly was splendid and kids had no idea dad was home for 5 days in time for the holiday. Though he was still away, it was a great surprise. 

Not only that, the couple behind us secretly paid $50 of our bill. It truly was unexpected and we were so elated. Grams took our group photo and they were so gracious to have done such wonderful deed and gift to my Jupinxter. They sang happy birthday song with us and greeted & wished her a fun-filled birthday! I truly wished we took down their names so we can keep in touch with these lovely couple 😀

Happy Birthday Jupinxter!

© Katz  L 2017 🌟



It’s that time of year when Lobsters are abundant. Surely millions of people in this planet enjoys a delicious, meaty and scrumptious Maine Lobster-

Last night, I took my mum and hubby at our local Red Lobster and we all took advantage of this season’s lobsterfest. Here are photos to share-


Indeed we let loose and enjoyed a pair of dueling lobster with green beans and garlic mashed potatoes. Hubby had the same with asparagus. Mum on the other hand enjoyed her lobster baked, well, it’s a three-piece lobster tail with corn and spuds- they were all delicious.


Piled up high on this plate are the shells of what we’ve just devoured minutes ago- they really looked like the carcass of a dead alien in the predator film 🙂


I can’t explain the joy I felt when I looked and saw mum enjoying her feast for the night.

• • •

Our night was splendid, we surely had a great time with our waitress and in exchanged a great service and superb tip. She was such a sport. My husband as some of you know has a sarcastic sense of humour. He will give anyone a hard time in a friendly fashion. Luckily our booth was centered towards the wall, the opposite side of the room where the elderly were seated. Thankfully, neither patrons/guests complained about our boisterous charge in the room. In the end, our waitress enjoyed her time and hopefully we’ll see her again sometime-

I hope you all had a great dining experience as well 🙂

 © Katz-2015

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