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Unfinished Projects~

Have you ever started a project and haven’t finished or completed it? Well, I have a few of them sitting in a box or simply on the table, in the room filled with stuff (hehe)-

Today, I will show you some of them-

Here are some photos to show my unfinished projects.


Unfinished Waffle Pattern– this one is a fun pattern to crochet. It does make me hungry at times just by looking at it-


I thought I was going to complete this project in a couple of weeks.. wrong!


Here is a Greek key pattern afghan– again, I thought this will only take a couple of weeks since the pattern is so simple. Well until I ran out of yarn. I ran to my local store for the rest of materials I need to complete this project, I found out, the store ran out of them as well- just my luck-


Until I ran out of yarn- I was getting excited thinking that this will be done so soon.


Here are some of Granny Squares, my soon to be next project- Again, I couldn’t find the time to even sew them together-

I know one fine day will come. Perhaps spring break will be so kind to me and will definitely provide me some help-

I will keep you posted with some completed projects-

Thank you everyone for stopping by 🙂

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