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His First Tattoo

As most of you know we love ink- especially when that graffiti is done on our body. Last weekend, my husband and I dropped of his son Kyle, to his mums to spend time with her on his birthday. His oldest brother Nicky longed to have a tattoo done as soon as he turned eighteen, well that didn’t happen. Now nineteen, he’s made plans with his dad to make this tattoo happen. Since we have the best artist ever, the plan was scheduled for Tuesday. There were excuses made along the way by his mum (for personal reasons we’ve suspected).
This morning came by quickly and holy oranges it’s time to get inked-


This is one of what our artist Danielle came up with and Nicky is set on it.


This is where he wants it.. easier to perhaps start of a sleeve-


He’s doin great.. well had to cut off his face.. he was in discomfort and pain-


Almost there… even the outline is great-


The final piece-
Thank you Danielle for a great piece. Nice touch on the dragons eye-

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