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Finger licking good-

This is well over due-


Its that good for these two monkeys-


We visited one of our local Burger King joint. After dinner, well of course these two were finger licking the remnants of sweet cream on their fingers-
It’s something we don’t do everyday 🙂

© Katz 2013


Reasons to eat fruits

Have you ever wondered what good does a banana for? Perhaps, what does eating watermelon good for? Well here it is. Just the simplest information you can read about and be informed of their benefits-

Enjoy your fruits

© Katz 2013

Two faced-

this one’s well over due- so here it is-


So there are these people who pretends to be your friend. When in truth, they are no different than satan that slithers within the depths of hell-

So the next time you come face to face with these two-faced people, just go on ahead and slap them straight on both sides of their face-

Happy living 🙂

© Katz 2013

Los Angeles CA

Los Angeles California- the city i never miss. The busy streets the night life and drama and that traffic jam-
I will visit you again- just passing by 🙂

© Katz 2013

Crabs anyone!

Spider crab- i can’t imagine to sit beside this living creature. However, i surely could imagine the scrumptious meal this provide. I personally will say, i will have two of those, please. Preferably dead and deliciously prepared on my plate 🙂

Have a nice crabbing day everyone

© Katz 2013

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